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Allen Weitzman, RA, PP

Partner Emeritus


Alan Weitzman  
Bachelor of Architecture,
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York

Professional Licenses
Architect: New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Delaware
Professional Planner: New Jersey
NCARB Certificate

A tireless problem-solver with a mind always churning with new ideas, founding partner and architect Allen Weitzman has more than 30 years experience researching, designing and conceptualizing buildings of all type and sizes. He has extensively developed and prototypical studies for projects involving recreational facilities, multi-family housing complexes, community centers, school buildings, and multi-use shopping centers -- and has been cited by many agencies for developing original and imaginative solutions to projects throughout New Jersey and New York. Industry accolades pale, however, to the satisfaction Allen gets from knowing his buildings enrich the lives of the people who use them. Case in point: Allen's proudest moment was the unveiling of the Fair Lawn Community Center (which he designed) to family, friends and neighbors.

While Allen is still in the office several days a week, as of January 2016, his role as Partner Emeritus includes enjoying more time with his precious granddaughter and family.



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