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Young Israel of Teaneck

Perry Lane, Teaneck, New Jersey


Congregation Young Israel of Teaneck approached members of Studio 5 Partnership for assistance with their plans to expand and improve the house they had purchased and were using as their synagogue.


Young Israel of Teaneck


A planning study determined that portions of the existing dwelling could be converted for better use; the existing sanctuary (a blend of the original living room and garage) would become two chapels and the new entrance to the facility and a two-level addition, 4,000 square feet at each level, would serve as Phase I.

The lower level would be used as a multi-purpose social hall/meeting room and the 4,000 square foot main level would become the new 400-seat sanctuary.

Phase II would demolish the existing residential structure and permit expansion of the sanctuary and other facilities without having to renovate the front facade.  The front facade was designed to blend into the residential community and use Jerusalem stone, stucco and moldings to soften the facade.


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