​Mill Basin

Brooklyn, New York

This project is the result of a Request for Proposal from the New York City Economic Development Corporation to which our client, Forest City, responded.

The 12 acre site is situated between the end of Flatbush Avenue and the Mill Estuary, of which approximately 9 acres will be developed for retail and the remaining 3 acres will be developed as parkland and further developed by the New York City Parks Department.

The site includes a Public Access Corridor to an open, public space on Mill Basin with parking trails and observation platform dedicated to public use. The proposed retail shopping center includes an approximately 90,000 square foot, two-story retail anchor and 50,000 square feet of single story multi-tenant space.

The design will create an enlivened storefront, which promotes and enhances the pedestrian experience and invites the public to enjoy both the natural beauty of the area and a pleasant shopping experience.