​Cleveland School

33 Cleveland Street, Orange, New Jersey

The primary focus of this project was to convert an existing elementary school into a combined elementary and middle school. Eight adjacent properties were acquired and incorporated into a new master plan for the entire site.

The middle school is located in the addition. While the elementary school was completely renovated to accommodate separate access points and classroom floor levels for different grades.

Building upgrades include a new cafeteria with a full-service kitchen, a new A/C system for the entire complex and a new full-size basketball court for the middle school. The existing classroom layouts were all updated and re-organized, allowing the classrooms in the basement to be relocated to the upper levels. A state-of-the-art media center was also provided.

The entire complex was designed to meet accessibility requirements. A new main entry was provided for the new building as part of the master plan and circulation through both buildings was streamlined. The addition of a new elevator between the two buildings provides access from both buildings to all floor levels, while maintaining a separation between the elementary and middle school students. The master plan takes full advantage of the expanded site, incorporating a 44-space parking lot, new play area for the middle school and a modernized playground for the lower grade levels.

This project exemplifies Studio 5’s vast experience with community use properties. Our attention to detail and novel design in this facility allowed for a greater use of space. We are hoping to recreate and improve North Camden Community Center in a similar way which will allow for more comprehensive use of the facility for all.
Owner: NJSCC (now the SDA)
Contact: Don Todd Associates
Size: 40,000 square feet
Cost:  $18 million