​Temple Beth Rishon Educational Center

585 Russell Avenue, Wyckoff, New Jersey

The leadership of Temple Beth Rishon reached out to Studio 5 Partnership when the Temple school had reached its maximum usefulness and needed to expand.

Having completed three highly successful projects for the congregation, this latest would complete the expansion and renovations possible to accommodate on the site.

S5P had previously designed and constructed an earlier Education Building, a major alteration and addition to the Sanctuary and Ballroom, as well as several smaller projects. Having completely rebuilt /renovated the front half of the building, the time had come to rethink the Education Center. With the front of the building beautiful and attracting new members, the older portion, the original Education Center, was out-dated and losing members and students to newer facilities.

S5P helped the congregation through the programming, design and community approval phases and was instrumental in gaining approvals after 12+ months of testimony before the Zoning Board for the design depicted here. Unfortunately, with the financial downturn in the economy, this design proved too expensive, and the project went on hold for almost two years for re-evaluation.

Today a new design has been agreed on and construction drawings for the complete modernization of the Education Center are under way with S5P responsible for architectural and interior design. Where the original design would provide separate classrooms for appropriate age groups, the current design maintains the need to change rooms for preschool and Hebrew schools but this time S5P is managing the design process to ensure that either group will find the room age appropriate.

The exterior of the building will essentially remain unchanged and all the “magic” will be created within the existing shell. Construction is slated to begin in the summer of 2013.