​The Sound School​

Aquaculture School - New Haven, Connecticut

The Sound School, a public High School on the Long Island Sound, is dedicated to teaching professions associated with the sea.

Classes include GPS navigation systems, boat-building, seafood preparation and farming the sea taught as well as standard academics.

A hydroponics lab has been included in the new structure and can be seen in the greenhouse facing the Long Island Sound. This project received a "Best of 2004" award by New York Construction Magazine.

In a plan to revitalize the neighborhood and offset high construction costs, the main school building is constructed on the foundation of an abandoned water treatment plant. The design incorporates aspects of the original Art Deco building while creating new space for a unique curriculum. Working closely with the construction manager, we designed numerous alternatives to control construction costs.
Owner: New Haven School System
Size: 60,000 square feet (all buildings)
Cost: Not Public