​New Square Refuah Medical Center

728 North Main Street, Spring Valley, New York

This project converted an abandoned 4 steel frame from its intended office use to a modern medical center.

In addition to a structural evaluation to determine the adequacy of the weathered steel to support the current dead, seismic and wind loads, a complete analysis and upgrade to the horizontal bracing system was performed.

A new exterior facade, site plan and complete mechanical system were also developed. The community medical center designed by members of Studio 5 Partnership, currently occupies 2 floors. Members of Studio 5 Partnership, and its consultant team, were able to resolve all the technical and legal issues as well as design an imaginative and workable solution within the strict budget and time constraints.

The program was unique. The facility is designed to serve as a family maternity center, which includes both pre-delivery as well as post-delivery services for mothers with additional services for their families for visiting and sharing meals. With special requirements based on strict religious obligations, the design responded to medical requirements and efficiency as well as religious law and the segregation of men and women.