​Preakness Hill Country Club

Wayne, New Jersey

Studio 5 was called upon to lead a series of alterations and improvements to the venerable Preakness Hills Country Club.

Complete interior renovations, involved both levels and all areas of the two-story, plus basement, building and included improvements to the locker rooms located in the basement, improvements and expansion of the Ballroom, Bar, Ladies Grill, and Mixed Grill. Our work was done in conjunction with Gina Behrle of GB Designs, who was the interior designer.

Among the issues which were resolved was the enlargement of the Ballroom to increase its seating capacity from approximately 250 to nearly 350 people. This required a series of demolitions and reconfigurations of various adjacent spaces and the addition of new structural elements to allow expansive column free spans. In addition, an acoustical assessment was undertaken and some repairs were completed to improve the sound quality of the space. As part of the renovation, improvements to the restrooms were made to both bring them up to code (barrier-free access) and update them aesthetically. The Bar was completely renovated, along with improvements to the Lobby and other areas of the Main Level.