​The Zrike Company

8 Thornton Road, Oakland, New Jersey

The Zrike Company, a family owned importer and distributor of fine tableware products, wanted a customized facility to operate their business.

Our design team interviewed family members and staff to develop the program. Working with community officials, we designed the site plan to meet their current and future needs in compliance with all regulatory requirements. The design provided expansion space to maximize future development of the site.

The exterior features corbelled bands of colored masonry units to create interesting surface texture. Ribbon windows along the perimeter permitted maximum flexibility for future expansion and revisions. The elegant design was applauded by the community board in granting its approval.

A 15,000 square foot office mezzanine was designed above employee lunch areas and other facilities for the warehouse and office staff. Our design also provided natural ventilation in the warehouse, a feature requested by the staff and approved by the owners.