​YM-YWHA Fitness Center

Wayne, New Jersey

Studio 5 was selected by the YM-YWHA of Northern New Jersey to redesign their existing, but outdated Fitness Center.

Our designers worked closely with the Y's athletic director to develop plans and provide space layout for large exercise equipment. Several goals were reached with this project, chief of which was to update the stodgy look of the space and make it appealing to a younger crowd of prospective YM-YWHA members.

The suspended ceiling was removed and the entire upper ceiling area was painted black. This innovative move resulted in an increase to the sense of height. Floating metal geometric forms and new high intensity lighting provided sparkle and achieved an all around contemporary look. New colorful flooring and wall finishes were also designed and the locker rooms were expanded and refinished. The success of the design was confirmed by a significant increase in membership.