​Zemach David Synagogue

New Square, New York

Members of Studio 5 Partnership completed another major addition and alteration to the main synagogue for the Hasidic community in New Square, New York.

The 45,000 square foot project provides a main sanctuary for 5,000 worshippers as well as a Mikva (ritual bath) which services 500 men on a daily basis.

The facade is sheathed in granite and marble imported from Israel. Completion of this phase resulted in more than double the existing facility, and was phased to permit uninterrupted daily use during the expansion process. The design reflects the traditional European roots of its congregants. Additionally, there are separate entrances for men and women who sit on separate levels of the building.

An ongoing process, planning is underway for an additional 20,000 square foot expansion and a major alteration to the front facade. The expansion will improve the women's entrance, add men's and women's seating in the main sanctuary and balcony area, and create new chapels/study halls in the basement. The originally planned domes will be installed and barrier-free access to all levels will be included. Completion is expected in 2009.